08 July 2013

Cheers, America.

Land of the Free via

Of course I had a Fourth of July outfit planned for Ez that screamed "Made in America! And proud!" but Thursday was not the best of days for Ezra Walter Poole. It was actually the hardest day he's had thus far in his life. He has molars coming in. Ohh, those molars are the biggest bullies. So Ezra was in his diaper and attached to mom's or dad's hip all day long.
(Saturday afternoon we actually found out Ezra had some virus called roseola. Not a big deal, but it made him have a fever, lots of dirty diapers, and hives. He's doing better now. But imagine having a virus and molars coming in. Last week was rough.)

Our friends Talia and Robert came over for an all-American (plus horchata) meal and some Sandlot watching. They sure are troopers. When they knocked on our door, we hadn't cleaned up the living room or even started dinner. We were actually in the middle of trying to get Ezra to take a nap. For the fifth time that day.
After dinner we ate fruit pizza that they had brought and watched fireworks on tv. They are definitely not very impressive on a screen. Luckily our neighbors lit some off and we could see them peek-a-booing through the trees.

Also, a little post-patriotic humility. I love you, America, and am grateful for you. I love you so much that I wrote an award-winning essay about you in 8th grade about what it means to be an American. But these things are pretty true.


  1. Remind me, did you win that essay contest? And was that the year of the "Born is the USA" t-shirt? Because those were good times.

    1. I did! I think my prize was reading in front of all of Carroll Middle and getting it hung in the superintendent's office. And it probably was. I think we were all super patriotic that year since it was the year after 9/11.

    2. Glad I'm not the only one who thought it was necessary to watch the Sandlot on the 4th. =) Love you!

  2. We love Ezra even on his worst day!! I mean, look at him!