01 February 2013

No 2: February.

I have been wanting to create like mad, but have been scared to start.
Maybe I should read Art and Fear along with this goal. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who does any sort of creating; be it painting, writing, dance, or otherwise.


++I did surprisingly well with reading my scriptures every day. I think I missed three days total. One because I was sick and went to bed early, and two because we were traveling and I forgot to bring my scriptures with me. I have learned that I want to invest in just a Book of Mormon so I don't always have to bring my quad along. (The quad has the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants. It's pretty thick.) Or maybe I should get with the 21st century and get a smartphone.
++I did not so great with my catch up journal writing. I wrote in it once and almost got through our whole wedding (which took place July 2010). I have learned that my goals need to be super concrete and definitely easily measurable. I should have done "Write in my journal every Sunday for at least one half hour."

++I went shopping with a friend and we went to Forever 21 and they were having winter clearance and it was actually a lot of things that I liked (F21 is hit or miss for me these days) and it took almost all of my self control to not buy any clothes. I bought lil heart earrings and polka dot hair bows instead.
++I used Christmas money to buy a dress to wear when I go see The Great Gatsby. I know.
++Overall: Still no cheating.

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