05 December 2012

I'm a winner!

I used to not ever enter blog giveaways, but then lately I started entering them like crazy because I thought, "Why not? I can post a comment. NBD." Okay maybe not like crazy. Maybe just five. But I won one!

Fifty bones to Shabby Apple from Kyla Is Inspired. The funny thing about Shabby Apple is that even though $50 is a pretty good amount of money (to me at least), I'm pretty sure I'll have to shell out an Andrew Jackson in order to get a dress because they're all kind of more than I normally spend on any one clothing item. I mean, some of their dresses are more expensive than my wedding dress.

But whatevs. I'm willing to do it because I'm a WINNER.

However, I can't decide on a dress I really like. I'm really really really indecisive. Maybe you should just go to the website and pick one for me?

I know. My life is really hard.


  1. I was like I'm totally going to decide for her!! .... I can't decide either :/

  2. Haha I just won $50 there too...two months ago and I can't decide either!!!

  3. I love love the Alice dress and Frabjous Day from the Mad Hatter collection! But really, anything you pick from there is going to be amazing. I love that shop, I just wish I could afford to shell out that kind of cash all the time!

  4. shell out an andrew jackson! hahahahaha.