01 December 2012

Christmas shopping.

My favorite thing about Christmas is shopping for presents. I always see things that I want to buy people, but unfortunately do not have the monetary means to support such an activity. So I keep the list in my head and pull it out around November.
I'm pretty impressed with us this year because we have completed all of our Christmas shopping for our extended family members and friends. Now we just have to buy presents for each other.

I've been hitting up the Internet for almost everything this year. Etsy (they even have gift ideas) and Amazon of course, but also some flash deal sites: Zulily and Sneakpeeq. I really like Sneakpeeq because you can earn badges and it makes me feel like I'm in Girl Scouts again. Plus I got a free gift for joined and when I "peeq"ed for a price it said free. So of course I got it even though I don't remember what is was right now.

I definitely recommend Internet shopping for gifts. Especially if you don't have a car, are afraid of crowds, or both (like me).
And if you have any suggestions for Jeff, please tell them to me. For some reason I'm having a really hard time thinking of gifts for him this year.


  1. Ugh I can't think of anything for Joe this year either! I have almost everyone else done, and I don't know where to begin for him! Guys are just really hard to shop for sometimes!

  2. how do you edit your pictures slash make it look like it has cute tape it's put down with? (i don't know if that made grammatical sense but whatevs, bottom line, the tape looks cool)