10 August 2012

Some videos I like right now.

If you are also suffering from insomnia, here are some things to enjoy really late at night/really early in the morning.


The Art of Puppetry & Marionettes:

Never Alone:  
(This girl is from Rochester. But I don't know her from here. Just from the Internet.) 

 Obsessives-Soda Pop:  
(I also enjoy the Honey episode.) 

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On:  

Tiffany & Cassidy (A super cute engagement video based off of Moonrise Kingdom):
(This girl is friends with Katherine.)


  1. I get bored a lot at home in AZ during the 8-week break. Especially when it's 112 outside like it's been almost every day this week. Aka thanks for sharing!

  2. That engagement video is just too presh!

  3. These are great, thanks! I LOVE that puppetry one..wow. Those puppets are so cool looking. and I LOVE LOVE that one about soda. Drinking interesting sodas is something our family likes to do. I sent the video to my pops.

    And the one about the Keep Calm and Carry On was so great. I sure love a great youtube/vimeo video.