01 September 2012

Hey there.

Well, we did it again.
On Saturday, we left Rochester. On Sunday, we stayed with my family in Fort Wayne. On Monday, we arrived in Omaha.
We're staying here with Jeff's dad and step-mom until we find a place in Des Moines. So we've just been hanging out with my BFF Conor Oberst and enjoying The Good Life and learning that Ezra and I (possibly Jeff, too) are allergic to Nebraska.

 Lil Ez handled the trip like the seasoned car rider that he is. He's probably put more miles on his car seat than any other seven month old. It's pretty crazy that he'll have lived in four states before he's a year old.

Thursday we trekked over to Des Moines to check out some places to live. The city looks a lot cooler than I had originally thought. We ate at this BBQ place that was featured on Man Vs Food. It was a lot of meat. We also bought microwaveable Palak Paneer at Trader Joe's and it was delicious. Oh, and I had a cupcake from a place that won Cupcake Wars.
But some of that happened in Omaha, not Des Moines.

(Apparently Jeff's food passion is rubbing off on me.)

I have a canker sore and I hate it. My head is crazy from allergies.  Pretty sure I could sleep for 12 hours straight, but there's no way Ezra will let me sleep for longer than four.
I'm really tired and shouldn't be typing.


  1. I am so happy that you guys are closer. I love you guys and lil baby Ezra so much. He is the cutest baby I have ever seen. I can't wait to meet him. I love you

  2. Ez is getting so big! I love that he has almost the same pose and the same color shirt in both pictures haha. I love you! Hopefully I can come visit soon I've always wanted to go somewhere from Man vs. Food (and to see you obviously!)

  3. wow, so many moves! but so great. actually i am sure its both a good and bad thing to move so much. nice for a change, renewal, and bad for not feeling stationary.

    i sure need a cupcake. it's been far far too long since i have had a serious cupcake...actually any cupcake for that matter.