02 August 2012

Unappreciated Candy.

Katie Kirk (found here)

1. Mike and Ikes.
2. Junior Mints.
3. Air Heads.
4. Kit Kats.
5. Apricot rings.
6. Dots. (But only if they're fresh.)
7. Tootsie Rolls.
8. Sixlets.
9. Whoppers.
10. Kinder Surprise. (Maybe not unappreciated, but unfortunately ILLEGAL in the USA.)


  1. I love these candies. Especially dots. So true. I feel like fruit flavored tootsie rolls are also highly under appreciated. I remember they used to have an American version of the kinder surprise called the wonderball but kids where choking on the plastic ball inside the chocolate. Kids ruin everything.

  2. I never had apricot rings until I started dating Joe and now I fully support their deliciousness.