16 August 2011

Growing a baby.

On Friday we went to our new baby doctor for the first time.
He saved my sister-in-law's and niece's lives and successfully delivered two of my cousins. So we figured he was a pretty good choice.

We found out that I'm farther along than I thought.
Yesterday Baby Poole turned 17 weeks and 5 days!
My due date is still January 18. I was just a week behind in my calculations.

Our next appointment with Sly Cly (that's what my brother calls the doctor) is August 29 which is also when we will find out if Baby Poole is a boy or a girl!
Jeff especially is getting so anxious to find out.
I mostly want to find out so I can start buying baby clothes.
We thought about not finding out the baby's gender for about two seconds. We're just too excited.
It will still be a surprise, we just get to find out 20 weeks sooner. Win!

Baby Poole has gotten significantly better at not getting sick in the mornings.
I've also started to feel a few flutter kicks since he/she is getting more active.
Baby Poole's already 5 inches big and is starting to hear!
Go, Baby, Go!
We're very excited to meet you.


  1. SO CUTE! you're hair looks great by the way!

  2. cutest little mommy to be! Your bump looks bigger than it was on Thursday already! Baby Poole is just growing up so fast.

    Also, I'm liking Jeff's bump too haha.