31 August 2011

Please to Know (vol III).

Sarah Schrader is one of the world's greatest human beings. This is not even close to an exaggeration. She is happy and fun and energetic, but most of all she is compassionate. At a time when I was really sad and felt like I had no friends, she befriended me. I'm pretty sure that if she wouldn't have become my friend, I wouldn't have finished college. For real. Sarah's cheerfulness is pretty contagious.

I can't even count how many Dominos cheese pizzas we ordered to the photo lab, or how many times she insisted on paying. There are quite a few days of work that I would have had troubles getting through if I didn't have her to complain to about film superiority complexes, photo babies who didn't take notes, and annoying co-workers. Without Sarah, I would have died putting up my BFA show. She insisted on helping me hang since Jeff was out of town. She didn't even know I was pregnant and constantly feeling like I was gonna puke. She's just a nice person. She even texted everyone she knew who knew me and told them to come to my opening because she knew how nervous I was that no one would show up. When Jeff was gone, she invited me to hang out with her and her roommates so I wouldn't feel so alone. She talked me through quite the emotional pregnancy hormone and stress induced finals mental breakdown.

Sarah is such a passionate person and it shows in her photography. But she isn't the type to get a superiority complex or belittle you when you genuinely ask for her help or opinion. She is always, always pushing herself creatively. Which kind of makes her stand out from the rest of the photo program at our college which is mostly technically driven. She will do awesome things.

If you get the chance to become friends with Sarah and don't take it, you are basically an idiot. Seriously. She is happy and fun and totally worth your time. And she makes you feel happy and fun and worth someone's time.

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