11 March 2011

It's my birthday. I can cry if I want to.

My 22nd birthday started with me sleeping through my 8 am class (awesome) and waking up to a delicious breakfast of doughnuts and vanilla milk that Jeff ventured out to get early in the morning. I then made up a birthday song and dance which I will teach to our children and opened a package from Indiana.

My mom, little sister, little brother, and my mom's boyfriend sent me not one but TWO bunny Webkinz. I named one after my sister Kristen and the other Lily because it is little. They also sent me a bunny coloring book, Starburst jelly beans, and bunny socks all wrapped up in cupcake wrapping paper.

The whole day was filled with birthday comments, texts, phone calls, cupcakes, and wishes. Even my counselor gave my candy.

After Jeff got off work we went to Dixie's in Idaho Falls. It's a 50s diner and they give you a pretty good amount of food. I probably mostly like it for the aesthetics but WHATEVS! It was my BIRTHDAY! Then we went to Ross because I got to pick what we were doing. But I didn't find any clothes. We made a quick stop at Winco to get snacks for our road trip next week and went home.

This birthday was really different than all my other birthdays. It was my first birthday that wasn't celebrated in the Hoosier state. It was also the first time I celebrated my birthday with my dad and gramps being in the hospital. And I was 1,613 miles away. Consequently, it was the first time I didn't talk to my dad on my birthday. And also the first time I didn't talk to my little brother Jason because he was at his group home. Being away from home with some family members in the hospital combined with no birthday wishes from some close friends and family members led to my first birthday meltdown. I sat in a bubble bath and cried for a while feeling sad that I wasn't in Indiana and wondering if I did something to offend those that didn't tell me happy birthday. I wondered that if I had had a party than maybe more people would have remembered, but then realized that the reason I didn't have a party was because I was afraid that people wouldn't come.

However, this was the first birthday that I had a husband. And he did so much stuff to make it great (and it was mostly great). It was also the first birthday that I got three cupcakes all to myself from people who care about me a lot. It was the first birthday where my family grew by three (Winston and my two Webkinz). I felt really, really loved 90-95% of the day. And even when I was feeling sad I still felt loved. And that's pretty great.


  1. love you!!
    I think no birthday is complete with a meltdown. I probably have at least one per birthday, haha

  2. I love you and I'm glad you had a mostly good birthday! birthday meltdown bubble baths are almost a necessity. haha