15 March 2011

(Not) Winning with Winston.

I decided to get Winston out and take some pix with him.
Because who doesn't like Photobooth?
Apparently Winston.
He bit my finger in protest.

Does anybody know how to get gerbils to stop biting?


  1. Andrew had the same problem with his at first. I think they feel threatened so they bite and hard enough to draw blood. We just continued to handle her and pet on her. Here's a kiss for the boo-boo.

  2. My first hamster was really mean and bit me all the time--and HARD! so we took him back to the pet shop and got a new one. I don't really remember all the details because i was 5.... years later my mom told me they probably fed him to the snakes.

    I don't know if you can get them to stop biting, but just getting him use to be handled seems like a good solution.

  3. that wasn't very nice of him! but he's super cute!

  4. winsten is adorable. your shirt is adorable. your blog is adorable. the end:)