04 March 2011

Mermaid hair.

( photo sources linked on my Tumblr)

In eighth grade I told my friends I was going to dye the tips of my hair pink and orange.
They didn't believe me. And I never did.

But with the mermaid hair that has been frequenting Tumblr for the past year, the desire to dye my hair Easter egg colors has been rekindled.

The only problems are:
1. Unnatural hair colors are against the dress code here at BYU-I.
2. The only reason my hair is long is because I'm donating it when I finally have 10 inches. Maybe Locks of Love accepts blue hair. I don't know.
3. Do I really want purple and turquoise highlights like My Little Pony?


  1. 1. tell the people at BYU-I that you have a mutated gene that causes your hair to change into shades of blue.
    2. yes they will. there has to be some awesome girl out there that is totally dreaming of a mermaid hair wig.
    3. yes. you would be especially hip with the 3-8yr old demographic.

  2. when my friend donated to locks of love they did not accept hair that was dyed at all. even normal colors. but it was a while ago so maybe they've changed it. lol.

  3. YES!!!!!
    that is BEAUTIFUL I want it too!

    post mish twiners?