30 September 2010

husker du? husker don't

So being the nut case I am I've decided to start blogging more regularly. One of those inspired thoughts that comes as I'm still sitting at the computer as Amy sleeps at 12:48 AM. You know the kind. Speaking of Amy, she's just an adorable sleeper. Good thing she always falls asleep before me. That way I can watch her and she can't see that I'm secretly listening to my favorite Starting Line songs and get a huge smile across my face when I read Kenny Vasoli will be playing bass for Say Anything on their tour this fall. That only makes me want to see them more now. They play SLC with Saves the Day on Oct. 22. I emailed my old high school Spanish teacher tonight out of nowhere. Sean and I were actually really good friends with him and he basically gave us both A's even though we both sucked at Spanish. He went to the San Antonio temple open house with the family and neither Sean nor I have contacted him since our missions. Anyway, Amy and I are taking a chemistry class together and last night we both got B's on our first exam. Amy did get a better grade than me which only confirms my theory that she's better than me. I ate a really interesting sandwich tonight. One piece of the bread had mayo, the other mustard. I put chili on the mustard side and proceeded to top that with cheese sauce. I capped it off with some black forest ham and sauerkraut. Amy thinks I'm disgusting and this only confirmed her theory (I think we both have all kinds of theories now that we're taking chemistry). This weekend we're heading up to the gparents' cabin in Island Park. We'll watch conference and hopefully I'll be able to catch at least a little bit of the Red River Rivalry. Anyway, I better hit the hay now.

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