30 September 2010

Being married.

Being married is weird because even though you get to be with your best friend for eternity, you spend a lot of time alone (because your best friend works nights and he's your only other roommate), and most of your single friends don't want to hang out with you anymore (because...?).

I like this video.

P.S. I love being married. I wouldn't trade it for anything.
I guess I just don't understand why it's socially acceptable to exclude your friends once they start getting involved in a serious relationship. I know that a person may not hang out with their friends as much once they get a significant other, but wouldn't a true blue be happy for their friend for finding someone they love? Dynamics of friendships change as you get older, no matter what. Don't good friends work to keep that relationship instead of just moving on to other social entertainers? One of my former classmates said that once you got older, the people you work with become your friends. I didn't get that until now.
I've never been so alone in my life. But I don't feel lonely (most of the time).
P.P.S. I'm still the same person. I just have a husband and a new last name.


  1. we'll hang out whenever. Sometimes we get busy, but we love you guys.

  2. i think partly because people, myself included, feel like the married friend is busy with their husband doing stuff/doing life.
    i will soon be joining the married crew :)

  3. that video=my life (as of july)

    i think monica's right tho. i think kids just figure married people/people in serious relationships are busy with their significant other so they don't bother calling/texting. I also think that often times, especially with the crew we [used to] hang out with, you either have to be there, just show up, and/or be the one that texts/calls to see what's going on.

    i don't think that people think you and/or jeff are different or any less cool or fun to hang out with. that's impossible.

  4. i really like that video, and I have also learned to really love being alone. It can be really hard at times but this semester I realized you can either be really popular or really productive. I've been a lot happier once I learned to use time spent on my own constructively.

    I'm sure people are just busy with school and it's never anything personal but you are always welcome to come running with me or have a h.w. party in the library. It's a lot harder to make time to see people for me because i go to bed at 10 and get up at 5, but I will try harder in the future.

    I'm sorry if I've been one of the true blues that didn't deliver like they should have. I tend to kind of get sucked into things, and school has been taking most of my energy lately.

    i will always love you amy doll and you are always welcome to hang out with me, but I don't know how much fun it would be to watch me read or work out...

  5. I wish I lived in Idaho or you lived in Muncie/Indiana because then we could hang out when Jeff was working, or just whenever. I'm lonely too, it sucks!

    I think maybe people think you're busy doing married things? but, I don't think a whole lot changes once you get married other than your last name and that you live with your sweety. I get the same thing kind of now that me and Joe have been together for almost a year.

    I don't really understand why people that are supposed to be true blue friends drift away like that either. But, even though I'm far away I'm always here for you bby!! I love you!

    ps. i like that video too.