28 January 2014


++We have a bunny named Ned. He bakes pies and wakes the dead. He lives a very sheltered life. Also, bunny urine is potent. Keep this in mind in case you want to adopt a rabbit. He is a kind soul.
++I completed my No Clothes Buying 2013 goal without cheating. I am proud of myself.
++There has been too much cold this winter.
++Our entire apartment is Ezra's playroom ever since his second birthday.
++I might have to talk to the doctor about medicine because I have been feeling down and heavy. But mostly still functioning. But I think getting downer and heavier all the time.
++My new calling at church is Mia Maid (14-15 y/o) adviser. I am still terrified of teenage girls. A Laurel (16-17 y/o) in our last ward made me cry.
++We are waiting to hear about some things (Can't tell you...Spoilers) and it has given me the most anxiety.
++I have been trying to make friends. I have been trying to make friends with people who seem like they don't really have friends. But one week I feel super friendly and outgoing and chatty and the next week I want to crawl into a cocoon. It is also discouraging to know that the other newer ladies at church are already friends with people. Like, why hasn't anyone wanted to welcome me and include me? I don't know. But we do have this awesome couple friends who have a little boy Ezra's age.
++Jeff has a playlist on Spotify called "hauntingly good" and I love him for it.
++There are some great people, but there are also some people who really suck no matter how hard you try.
++Accepting other people's agency is a challenge.
++There are cupcakes cooling and I want to eat them but they are for the Young Women.


  1. two things. welcome to young womens! i am bad with girls in general, let alone teenagers. we're in a inner city ward so all of our girls meet together because on a good day we have 4. They all come from broken homes and two of them have learning disorders. it has been THE hardest calling of my life. BUT it has been so good for me. I doubt the girls get anything out of it, but its really pushing me (sometimes to tears) and teaching me a lot. Youre going to be so good at it. Second, weve been in our ward for 7 months and i still dont have any friends. im the same way in that one sunday i ll be super friendly and try really hard and the next i dont want any one to look at me. making friends at our age is so hard! cant our rexburg friends just always be around? keep your head up though. and thanks for always being so honest, i admire you for that.

  2. I love reading your blog and I think of you often. I wish I were close so we could be friends. I need friends too.

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  4. I want to meet Ned!

    I am proud of you for following through with your no clothes buying 2013! I don't think I could have done it. you are awesome!

    I wish you were here so we could hang out and bake all the time and watch tv and shop and play with Ezra. Trying to make friends when you're in your 20s is really hard.

    You will do great with your new calling! Teenage girls are scary, but we were teenagers once and I don't think we were that scary. Just look for baby Amy and baby Katie and you will be golden! :)

    Love you bby.