06 October 2013

Where have you been?

Holy moley. It's been a while, Blogger.

At the end of August we moved into a new apartment that we LOVE. It has central air, which isn't so much of a big deal this weekend, but it was pretty hot here in Des Moines for a while. Even though it's a newer building, it's in this historic neighborhood called Sherman Hill with lots of beautiful Victorian houses and tree lined streets. And we're within walking distance from downtown! Ez and I have walked to the downtown library and to the park a few times. We've been able to walk to the Saturday morning farmers market (rated the NUMBER TWO farmers market in the NATION) two or three times, too.

Unfortunately, we haven't been home a lot since we've moved! This coming week will be our second full week home since we moved here in August. Craaazy. Jeff's really busy with travel this time of year, but it slows down after Halloween.

Things have been going really well. We've been having some fun adventures and been trying to get our apartment settled. When we brought Ezra home, we lived in a one bedroom one bathroom apartment and now this apartment has two bedrooms AND two bathrooms. So we are feeling pretty blessed and spoiled and like our apartment is huuuuge.

I'm taking antidepressants again and feeling really great about it. It doesn't completely eliminate all of my depression and anxiety, but I can be a functioning human with very few if any breakdowns with the dosage I'm taking. I take generic Zoloft and it's only around $8 a month for my prescription from Wal-Mart. We did have to pay for my doctor's appointment (which I think was less than $100, maybe even considerably, but I don't remember) since I'm on my dad's insurance and it has a crazy high deductible, but it's been worth it. Since I've taken this medication and dosage before, I haven't had to go back for followup appointments. I don't know why I'm telling you this? I guess maybe if you're thinking about getting on medicine but are afraid of the costs? I've been super lucky as far as meds go. I only had to try one kind. My younger brother has had to be on medication for autism and other things for a long time and some of his medication has had crazy side effects and he's had to be weened and upped and all sorts of madness. I've gained so much respect for him since I've started taking medication.

And now, some selfies that Ezra took with Jeff's old digital camera.
It was really funny because today he would hold the camera out in front of himself and smile. Unfortunately, he didn't take any of himself doing that.

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  1. Yay! I'm glad you posted a new blog so that I don't have to feel weird checking daily in hopes of a new post like a weirdy.

    Ez is already getting good at those selfies. Better watch out when he turns 2! Selfies everywhere!