27 June 2013

Current Crush: Pastel Pretties.

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I know that it's summer. I know that traditionally neons are for summer. I know that pastels are typically reserved for spring. (Groundbreaking) But thus far in my life, I cannot get behind a neon color palette. Even if it's paired with neutrals. And even though I try so hard to pledge my loyalties to the autumnal muted color schemes that are so hip, pastels are always what makes my heart flutter most.

Favorite pastel Pinner: Laura Hunter of I Love Crafty
Favorite pastel blogger: Scathingly Brilliant
Favorite poet who uses the phrase "pastel pretty": Bradley Hathaway in On Being Joyful and Content

*NOTE* Included in this collage are other obsessions of mine: kitchens, Marie Antoinette, juxtaposition, Blythe dolls, cookies that look like other things.


  1. I am loving some of those paint colors. And the ice cream cone cookies!

  2. Oh yes yes yes! I love it all. x