23 May 2013

A new photo blog, and we'll be gone for a month.

Some friends from college and I started a joint photo blog called College Avenue Collective.
We all lived in the same house one summer. At 121 College Avenue. Our house has since been demolished (Probably a good thing. It was kind of gross and crooked), and we are spread out across three time zones, but we still like taking pictures. Every month we have a theme and we try to each post once a week, but sometimes it doesn't happen.

I'm really excited because this coming Memorial Day weekend (aka this weekend!) we are traveling to Idaho for Jeff's sister's wedding AND Harper is in Rexburg AND Tori is coming from Seattle so we can have a reunion!
Lots of our college friends are still in Idaho so it will be fun to see them again. However, I am kind of worried about returning to the Gem State. The last year I was in Idaho was the closest I've ever been to hell. I'm nervous those feelings will return since I'm going back to the place I felt them. I'm still trying to be posiXcore about it and combat feelings of anxiety as much as I can. I'm definitely excited to see those mountains again.

I probably won't be posting much this next month.
We'll be in Idaho for a week. Then I'm going to Indiana for a couple weeks while Jeff 1) Goes to North Dakota for work and 2) Goes to Southern California for training and his friend's wedding.

It's going to be busy.
I will try to Instagram, but I can't guarantee that I will have reception in Idaho. Jeff probably will, though.



  1. I'm glad you, Harper, and Tori are doing the photo blog. I've been enjoying it so far. Have fun during your travels! I wish Idaho wasn't so far for me to visit, I miss that place sometimes.

  2. Have fun in Idaho and I can't wait to see you when you come to Indiana!