10 April 2013


Wow I was like super obsessive about blogging for a while and lately I've been, "Meh."
Instagram's fault? Probably.

In other news, I bought Polarity from a local "CD and hobby" store.
The experience went like this:

I walk in carrying Ezra. 
Me: (Thinking) Oh gosh. They hate me here. They think I'm too much of a hipster. They know I'm only getting into comic books because it's a new hip thing to do. They're going to ask me if I want vinyl dolls.
Ezra and I wander aimlessly around the comic book section, trying to make sense of foreign territory.
Me: (Thinking) Oh, they make Doctor Who comic books. That is neat. Huh, I really have no idea what is happening in here. These look like some alphabetized comic books. Maybe here? No. Can't find it. I can't tell who is an employee. That guy in The Walking Dead t-shirt must be an employee because he is helping someone look for something. I'll wait for him. What should I say? How should I ask for it? Should I ask for Polarity by Max Bemis? Tell him it's published by Boom Studios so he thinks I know what I'm talking about?
Ezra and I pace the aisles. And again. And once more because that guy thought he was done asking questions, but he wasn't. The Walking Dead employee approaches.
Me: Uh, do you have Polarity? (Thinking) He knows for sure I am a hipster.
The Walking Dead employee: Yeah it's right here. Picks up copy that is literally right in front of us.
Me: Oh, it was right in front of me and I missed it.
The Walking Dead employee: It's really good. Hands me Polarity.
Me: Yeah, I've never read comic books. I just really like Say Anything.
The Walking Dead employee: It comes with a code for a song.
Me: Yeah, I read about that. Well...thanks.
The Walking Dead employee: No problem. Have a good day!
Me: Yeah, you too.
I look around for a checkout. Luckily, there's a sign. Ezra and I stand behind a guy buying Magic the Gathering cards or something. They keep asking him questions and getting out packs of cards. I notice there is a Catching Fire board game. How did I not know that existed?
Second behind counter employee: I can help you over here.
Walk over to the other cash register. Try to figure out where to put my bag/wallet/Ezra. Hand employee Polarity and get my card out.
Second behind counter employee: Would you like a bag and board with that for fifteen cents more?
Me: Uh, sure. (Thinking) What did I just agree to? Oh, well. Only fifteen cents.
Transaction is completed. Employee wishes me a good day. Thanks, you too. And we leave the strip mall in the Jetta wagon.

Moral of the story: Yes, I should have gone with my original plan of joining my high school's comic book club instead of backing out because I was too afraid to go to it alone.
And, Polarity? SO good.
I had the same feeling when I turned to the last page as I did when I was listening to Daisy for the first time and Vices went from the old timey lady singing to DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH.
"OH MY GOSH." (That was my reaction. In case you have not heard Daisy by Brand New.)


  1. I KNOW that feeling from Vices, so I know this will be good. You are perfect at describing stuff. Also, I love you. Good call on getting the board. I totes would have gotten one (JK, IDK).

  2. Anything that can be compared to listening to Brand Nee sounds good in my book