05 April 2013

Catching up with the cool kids.

I got my first smart phone! I'm pretty sure the model is a few years old, but it was only $20 and my monthly bill is only $45 for unlimited everything. So I'll take it. Thanks, Straight Talk.

We've spent this week with Jeff's mom and sister. They came all the way to Iowa from Idaho to see Ezra. And me and Jeff, too, I guess.
We got to do lots of fun things in Des Moines like the zoo, sculpture park, capitol building, and Salisbury House (Beautiful 1920s mansion built in the English Tudor style). We took a drive to Madison County, home of the famous covered bridges. They surprised us by also having a random lookout tower and a Victorian hedge maze.
Last night we took advantage of free babysitters and went on a date. We hit up the Des Moines Art Center and out for Indian food. No better equation for romance than Lichtenstein and samosas. (Seriously.)

Guys, Des Moines is really cool. Stop underestimating the awesomeness of the Midwest, America.

Jeff's mom and sister left this morning. Ezra is already mourning their loss. He has remembered how boring it is when it's just us two. 

Amy Instagram: amydollmp
Jeff Instagram: ragazzacciorock 
(Jeff is a really fun Instagrammer because he 
hates filters and almost never uses a caption. I, 
on the other hand, have probably already abused 
my Instagram privileges.)


  1. I enjoyed the photos you posted. After visiting Kansas City for the first time last summer, I was pleasantly surprised how awesome the Midwest is. Very underrated.

  2. Amy, I'm glad you still blog, because I'm not on insta-gram. :) I hope you had a great visit with Leslie and Ashley. I know how excited they were to go visit. You are a beautiful family!!!

  3. I'm so happy that you have a smart phone so I can stalk your Instagram pictures :).

    I really want to visit Des Moines. Not only did you and Jeff sell me forever ago with the idea of crab ragoon pizza, but all of the cool things you post look like so much fun. I've definitely been underestimating the coolness of Iowa!

  4. Once you get a smartphone there is no going back ;)

    Lovely pictures. x

  5. Oh my goodness, your little family is so cute! This post is so great.
    I'm ashamed to say I've always kinda dogged the mid-west, but this post is totally changing my mind for me. Lichtenstein+samosas=awesome. I know Camaron and I are planning to visit his mission once the Indiana temple is built, so keep enticing me with these posts! Please.

    P.S. Fox's middle name is Ezra:) I think we're meant to be friends

    1. There are too many things we have in common. There is no turning back on the friend thing at this point.