08 March 2013

If birthday wishes were fishes, I would have the Shedd aquarium.

I turn twenty-four on Sunday! I probably won't get any of these things since I am just now thinking that I want them, but maybe Jeff is psychic.

++Oxford booties
I really want two-toned ones, but also love plain brown. They're kinda hard to find right now. If you see any, let me know.

Of course I want a Kitchenaid! I have no idea what color I would want, though. There are too many! I also like this cheaper mixer.

++Cute heels
My goal is to live in a hybrid Penelope/Pushing Daisies world and in order for that to be possible, I need t-strap heels like Penelope has. See my Pinterest for more shoe crushes.

++A pug and bunny BFF combo pack
What a winning combination! Bunnies and pugs are so cute and I just know Ezra would love them. Our cat, however, would not be a fan.

++Floral oxfords
I want to wear my floral jeans every day and believe I would feel the same way about floral shoes. There are also cute floral booties at F21. I've been wanting some loafers, but didn't want another item to be footwear.

++Magazine subscription
The gift that keeps on giving. I would really love a subscription to Real Simple because I haven't found a fashion magazine I love. Any recommendations?

++Cute kitchenware
My aching kryptonite is vintage Pyrex, but I love all fun kitchen stuffs. Making anything is better if the tools are adorable.

++Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck
Even though you didn't handle the Golden Globes situation with the class we all know you're capable of, I still love you, Taylor. More importantly, I love your perfume. I couldn't stop smelling my wrist yesterday after spritzing a sample at Target.
I would also accept Enchanted Wonderstruck and either one being hand delivered by T Swift.

My charm bracelet hasn't been updated since middle school. I need charms to remind me of all of my adventures. Ezra needs charms to play with during church.

++Prints for my walls
Having my own art hanging in my own home makes me feel weird. The Astronaut Mom print by Sherri Bemis is so tender, but I love all of her work. I also really like the Flapperdoodle prints by Kate Gabrielle right now.

++Trip to the hair salon
No, I haven't decided what I want to do with my hair, but I'm pretty good at making decisions on the spot. This might be the push I need.

++The Artist on DVD
Such a beautiful movie. Nonverbal communication is severely underrated.

And giving me money for clothes shopping, or anything Doctor Who related is a pretty safe bet these days.


  1. those boots are...perfect. so cute, I've never seen any quite like them with the two colors! hope you get everything you want and more ;)

  2. You need TSwift perfume! I have Wonderstruck and Wonderstruck Enchanted and I will never ever wear another perfume for as long as Swifty keeps making perfumes.

    Also, I want all of your shoe selections. I hope you get those F21 floral booties. I think I've been dreaming of them.