03 December 2011

A month of thankful hearts: Week 4

1. I love that it is December and Christmastime which means almost Baby Poole time!
2. I love friends who let me work out my thoughts through conversation. Sometimes I don't know what I think/believe until I say it.
3. I love that Jeff is making some friends in Fort Wayne. I love even more that these friends are the significant others of my best friends.
4. I love Dollar Tree.
5. I love strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I've only had them once which is when Jeff surprise made them for me for our 6 monthiversary and arranged them in a heart. But they are so good.
7. I love when people give me the benefit of the doubt.
8. I love online Christmas shopping.
9. I love craft nights where we can put all that Pinterest inspiration to action.
10. I love seeing those I care about accomplish something they have been working really hard at doing.

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