28 November 2011

A month of thankful hearts: Week 3

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1. I love that this post is a couple of days late because I was too busy spending time with family to be on the Internet.
2. I love modern technology that allows us to show Jeff's family our new apartment.
3. I love rolls. And that I made them from scratch for the first time ever and that they turned out fantastic.
4. I love our baby Christmas tree and that I can now not feel guilty about listening to Christmas music.
5. I love when I ask my niece Malia a question and she doesn't know the answer or doesn't want to answer she says "Why?" Every time.
6. I love how just vacuuming makes me feel like I've done serious deep cleaning because the before and after is that drastic.
7. I love blogs where people talk about real things. Like how they feel or what they think, and not just clothes/music/design/etc that they think are pretty (but I do like those some times, too).
8. I love that I got to spend three whole days in a row with Jeff.
9. I love that almost none of my clothes fit me because it means we are getting so close to Baby Poole coming.
10. I love this time of year that encourages us to focus on blessings, loved ones, joy, gratitude, peace, and Jesus Christ.


  1. That's why I like your blog, Amy, because you talk about real things. It seems like fewer bloggers do that nowadays.

  2. Malia was cracking me up with her "Why?" haha.