28 June 2011


We are moving back to the great Hoosier state!
Jeff is leaving this weekend, and will come back for graduation and to pick me up.

Honestly, I did not have pride in my home state until I moved out to Idaho. I really didn't think I would end up in Indiana after college. Sure, I liked it and everything. But I wasn't like "OMG INDIANA IS THE BEST STATE EVER!!! HOW COULD YOU EVER WANT TO LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE?!!!?!"
And I'm still not like that.
But after being out West and meeting a lot of people who are like "OMG (Insert whatever western state they are from) IS THE BEST STATE EVER!!! HOW COULD YOU EVER WANT TO LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE?!!!?!" I have developed a love and appreciation for my home state that I didn't quite have before.

I really believe that the Midwest is the most underrated region of these United States. 
I've heard a lot of people say, "We'll move anywhere...except the Midwest. It's sooo flat and boring there." 
But most people out West have never spent a good amount of time east of the Rockies. 
And it's probably true that a lot of people in Indiana have never been west of the Rockies, but most Midwesterners have at least frequented the South and/or the East. 
I've learned that a lot of Westerners love everything west of the Rocky Mountains and are very loyal to it and see no reason in crossing into the plains. 
Midwesterners like their home state, but tend to not be so boisterous about it.

The thing about the Midwest is that it doesn't have a lot of destination hot spots. 
There's Chicago...and...I guess you could count St. Louis/Omaha/Detroit/any-city-with-a-NFL-team if you wanted. We don't have giant cities, and we can't offer mountains and beaches. 
I think that's why people think it's boring. Nobody's like, "Oh yeah. We'll go vacation in Iowa even though we don't know anyone who lives there."

But the one area where the Midwest is really strong is the people.
There is so much industry there, and that's reflected in the people. People don't move to the Midwest to play, they move there to work. 
The people are hardworking and genuine. They have a true concern for others, and their manners show it. Overall, I think the Midwest is a lot quieter than the wild wild West.
A lot of the missionaries from my home ward were from Utah/Idaho/Arizona/California. They always commented on how great the people of Indiana were. I didn't really notice that they were different until I moved somewhere else.

So we can't offer mountains or beaches or large metropolitan areas for vacations.
But the people cannot be beat (or so I've heard from people who have lived lots of places).
And that's why I'm excited to go back.
Because I may not be able to have super exciting weekend trips, but my daily interactions with people will be great.
There is such a strong sense of brotherly kindness and community among the corn and soy bean fields.

I'm not trying to say that Indiana is perfect. 
I know that there are greedy, mean, rude people everywhere.
I guess I'm just saying I'm excited to go back, and I'm grateful I got to live in another region so I could appreciate my own more. 
I think that every state has its strengths and weaknesses. 
I do not think that one state is the best state ever and everyone should want to live there. 
I just think people should give the Midwest a chance. It's probably better than you think/have heard.

And I am so happy to go home.
And I know that's where we're supposed to be right now.


  1. This post was a good geography lesson (among other things). And I love geography, so thanks!

  2. I am so so so excited for you! And I've never visited the Midwest (besides Mt. Rushmore when I was 8 or so), but I would like to.

    I really feel the same way about "state priders". Sometimes it can all get a little old. I honestly love everywhere I've lived. Just like people, every place has pluses and minuses.

  3. I'm so happy my heart may burst. I can't wait for you to be near me again and not have to leave anytime soon.


  4. I'm pretty sure this post made my day. Not only because you're coming back to the beloved Midwest, but you hit all the facts right on the dot! I love you and I'm SOOO excited to have you closer to me. We'll have to do something when you get back. Before I leave. Ahh, you're amazing and my heart is happy!