09 April 2011

Savannah, GA.

I'd like you to be my home.
Sure, you're a little broken and run down (but we all are).
And you have good bones. Which is what is most important.
You also have central air which will keep us cool during those hot Georgia summers.
(And that's pretty impressive for a house of your age.)
I want to paint your walls and refurnish your floors.
I want to fill you with lots and lots of comfortable couches and pillows and beds and pictures.
Every corner we turn you will feel like home.
It will take hard work, but all the good things do.
There's a park right across your front yard where we can take our bunny and babies to play.
(Your backyard is pretty nice, though, as well.)

If we end up in Savannah, I hope we get you.

1 comment:

  1. I love it! I don't love that it's in Georgia though, unless it has a spare bedroom for besties to visit. Because then I might be a little ok with it.