08 April 2011

Girls go to college to get more knowledge.

I just finished my last final of my second to last semester of college.
On the way home I was thinking about what I'm going to do post college to still learn.
I don't like school. I'm really bad at doing homework. But I do love learning.
There are still a ton of things I want to learn about that I didn't get to learn about in college because I had to take too many generals.

So I've decided to make a list. Because putting it on the Internetz makes it more legit, right?
Since I want to have babies sooner rather than later (moms and families are the most important things ever), I've tried to make these goals somewhat kid friendly. Also, Jeff is applying all over the country/countries so we really don't know where we'll end up. These goals have to be achievable anywhere in the WORLD.

P.S. I'm not pregnant.
  • Grad school (MFA in photography).
  • Painting/ceramics/sculpture night classes at community college.
  • Read a book a month.
  • Learn a new song on the piano every two weeks.
  • Finish a body of work every two years.
  • Learn about plants and have a garden/greenhouse.
  • Become a skilled birdwatcher.
  • Join a rock club. Like where you collect and identify rocks. My grandpa is in one.
  • Join/start a local photography society.
  • Literature classes online.
  • Make a stop motion movie.
  • Take voice lessons.
  • Go to some type of fitness class. Yoga/pilates/ballet/etc.
  • Hair school.
  • Invent my own recipes.
  • Learn how to do DIY repairs.
  • Silkscreen.
  • Learn about letterpress.
  • Go to photo conferences/workshops.
  • Show my work every five years.
  • Become a pro seamstress.
  • Know art history like the back/front of my hand.
  • Culinary school to become a pastry chef.
  • Learn everything there is to know about bunnies.


  1. we did it! hooray! so grateful winter semester is over!

  2. ps: my brother and sister-in-law have a letterpress biz! if you and the jsp are ever in utah, let me know and i could hook you up with a tour of their place and a maybe a little demonstration colonial williamsburg style!