27 March 2013

Mama/Ezra time.

Jeff is traveling for work this week, so it's Mama/Ezra time 24/7 around these parts.

I know that I'm biased because he is my son, but Ezra is one of the funniest people.
He's been really into hanging out on the couch with me lately. He'll just go back and forth from end table to end table, throwing off everything that's on them. And then he'll just flop down on me and look up at me and start jabbering. He's started saying lots of new sounds lately.
When we're eating an afternoon snack of Whales, he'll stick out his arm and have this look of determination. He's offering me a cracker. If I take it and eat it he'll go, "Mmmm!!!" But if I say, "No, you eat it." He'll shove it in his mouth and make a chomping noise.
Today when I was having a dinner of pb&j (one of my ol' faves), he was giving my sandwich a "Come hither" look. Seriously. Like a look of seduction. When I offered him some, he just turned around and scooted away. Such a tease.

It isn't much fun that Jeff has to leave us for work sometimes, but I'm grateful for this lil bean to entertain me. And for our cat who snuggles with me at night. And for our gerbil who...mostly just sits in his cage because he refuses his exercise ball.

P.S. That lip stuff I'm wearing is Maybelline Color Whisper in Berry Ready. It is SO smooth. It feels like a good chapstick. It doesn't dry out my lips after a while, either. Thanks, WalMart.


  1. thank you for mentioning your lips stuff because i was about to ask. I tried a light pink Whisper one and it didnt even show up. i almost lost faith in the Whispers but i am going to have to try this one!

    p.s you look so good!

  2. He is adorable. You are beautiful. And I love a good lippy.

  3. You look the best. I want to be you. Also, I want to wear my hair in a scarf/bandanna like that, but I suck at it. Miss you guys.