22 March 2013

Embarassing moments in the history of Amy Doll.

1. When I was in first grade we did a play about the rainforest. I was a toucan. I got stage fright and forgot my line. My teacher had to whisper it to me. I repeated it into the microphone, but it wasn't audible.

2. When we were talking about ideas and concepts in my BFA class and I almost started crying when I said I didn't have one yet. Then the other two people talked about their ideas. And my professor said it was nothing to get upset about if you didn't have an idea yet.

3. When I was being Emma Smith for a church social and I was full of so much anxiety that I ended up crying when telling about my (Emma's) 14 month old son who died and my (Emma's) husband who was martyred.

4. When I told everyone in my American Lit class that I identified with Holden Caulfield and felt awkward when everyone was dissecting his motives and criticizing his actions.

5. When I show up at any social gatherings alone.

6. When my (then) soon-to-be father-in-law asked if I was modest. I had no idea how to answer that question and everyone was staring at me so I said, "Like, in public?" And he said no, in private. In your home. And someone went, "Psh. Why would he be asking you if you were modest in public? Like, obviously."

7. When I answer phone calls that aren't from Jeff, my dad, or my mom.

8. When my co-worker said he didn't get awkward people.

9. When I sat down at the in-laws' dinner table and didn't know what the small crystal bowl was for. I was told it was the salad bowl. Then they brought all the food out and I didn't see salad so I had no idea what to put in it. (They mean Jell-O when they say salad.)

10. When we were having a discussion about marriage in my Color + Design class and I raised my hand and told about my parents' divorce. I started crying. The person leading the discussion thanked me for sharing that. I didn't know what to do then so I put my head down on my desk and stayed there until ten minutes after class let out while everyone walked past me.


  1. I have these moments every day of my life, too (as long as I leave the house). I love you, Amy Doll. Sanks for being you.

  2. girl, these same things happen to me. especially 5 & 7 and loooots of in law incidents. im glad im not the only one.

  3. You are awesome. I love all of those.

  4. You forgot to include all of the moments included in our journal ha.

    But, for serious, I think I live off of embarrassment. 5,7,8 and 10 are so relatable!

    1. Oh my gosh. That whole journal. The fact that it exists is embarrassing. When I read it I was like, "Oh. This isn't so bad." But when Joe read it out loud I was like, "Oh, wait. Yes. Yes it is."