27 February 2013

Quick trip.


On Friday Jeff had the best idea he's ever had. So we bought a train ticket, called my dad to pick us up in Chicago, and now Ezra and I are spending time with my family in Indiana.

It was Ezra's first train ride out of womb. (We took the South Shore Line to Chicago when I was about seven months pregnant.) He really loved it for the most part. There is an insane amount of foot room so I barricaded the aisle with our bags and let him play down there. When that got boring we took a walk and hung out in the dining car.

Coming to Fort Wayne is always a little wild because I try to split up the time evenly between my mom's and dad's houses, and try to see as many friends and family as possible (Usually SSX Tricky because I usually don't have a car). This is probably the first trip I haven't had a meltdown over managing my time. Progress.

The only sad part is that Jeff had to stay in Iowa to work. And I was sick yesterday. But I'm feeling better today, and we will be reunited with Jeff in our fav city (Chicago) on Friday.

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  1. I'm so glad that you got to make a little trip to Indiana. Jeff is the best! And I can't wait for Chicago!