08 February 2013

Friday morning.

Jeff let me sleep in this morning. To keep Ezra out of trouble, he brought him into the bathroom while he showered.
At least the trouble was contained.
NOTE: Ezra's wet hair. He kept peeking into the shower to see what Papa was up to.

When I finally rolled out of bed, Ezra was parked in his high chair in front of the computer watching The Lorax on Netflix and eating pumpkin pancakes.

Now, Jeff is at work and Ezra is sorting through all of his toys. 
He's recently started dancing to music he likes. (Ezra, not Jeff.) He used to wave his hands, but now he bobs his head and shakes his little booty. This morning he really likes The Dandy Warhols.


  1. you make me want to be a mom sooner than I am planning to be! Too cute.

  2. LOL at least the mess was contained. That's so funny. That's why they're cute, right?

  3. uh oh! what a mess, yet so adorable that he makes up for it :D