21 January 2013

On the road again.

Ezra as a pirate, Nemo, and superhero.
Completely unrelated to this post.

Jeff gets to travel for work and usually Ezra and I get to go with him. We haven't done this for a few months because there was a blackout period where they don't let him inspect photo sites.
We're definitely out of practice.
We brought a DVD player so I could finish Doctor Who Season 1 before it's due back at the library, but forgot the Doctor Who DVDs. (It's okay because I brought Wildwood and I love it.)
Jeff almost started changing into comfies before taking the luggage cart back to the front desk. (This would have been okay if his comfies included socially acceptable articles of clothing, but it didn't.)
I forgot my underwear. (That is not okay at all.)

I'm confident we'll get back into the swing of things soon because we'll be doing this two or three times a month from now until Halloween.
The best part about staying in a hotel is definitely the complimentary breakfast. The worst is the lack of interesting shows on cable TV. There are no bad parts for Ezra. He is fascinated and excited by all of it.

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  1. Nemo Ezra is super cute even if he is not excited about being a fishy haha.