16 January 2013

Current crush: Gatsby everything.

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So my excitement for The Great Gatsby movie started out as a mega crush, but I'm pretty sure it's crossing over into fangirl obsession.
Like most, I fell in love with the book when I first read it. Fitzgerald's writing is the dreamiest.
I had seen the movie with Mia Farrow in high school which was...actually I don't remember anything about it except that I have seen it. When I heard Baz Luhrmann was going to be making a movie of it, I was kind of nervous that it wouldn't live up to the hype.
That nervousness is gone.

I've been looking on Etsy for a 20s inspired dress (apparently there was a big 20s revival in the 80s) because of course I'm going to dress up when I go see it. I hope everyone gets their art deco on for it. 
I sometimes wish that we still dressed up to go to things like movies.

Ezra and I have been dancing to this 20s music all day.


  1. i am soooo excited for that movie!!!

  2. Hello! I love your blog. I read Gatsby a few months ago without realising it was coming out on film. And now I am so overjoyed and excited. The cast looks amazing and oh my, to see the roaring 20s visualised and the wild parties. And the leading lady was so perfectly chosen. :D