03 January 2013

Christmas and the New Year.

We were all spoiled on Christmas morning, but Ezra was the most spoiled of them all.
You guys, if you're feeling like Christmas isn't as magical as it used to be, just get a small child and watch him crawl at record breaking speeds to a pile of presents that wasn't there the day before. He was so excited by everything.

(Photos courtesy of Kristen's Instagram.)

My dad and sister came for a long weekend and celebrated New Year's Eve with us. We took them to Drake Diner, the zoo, and some thrift stores and flea markets.
Ezra was pulling out all his tricks which of course made it hard for them to leave.
We're really grateful they were able to come.

P.S. I'm trying to redesign our blog layout and it's driving me crazy. It might be a little chaotic around here for a few days.
PRO TIP: If you upload your pictures in HTML instead of Compose and choose None for the layout, you can get them to be side by side. I learned about it here.
If you know how to decrease the space between the post title and the post, help a girl out.
I've been meaning to learn code since the MySpace Era, but haven't really committed to it. Maybe it will be a monthly goal.

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