02 November 2012

If you're small and on a search, I've got a feeder for you to perch on.

It was our first Halloween as a family of three, so of course I wanted to do a family themed costume. It all started with Ezra. I knew I wanted him to be an owl. Jeff and I were going to be Peeta and Katniss, but I felt too much pressure to be the Mockingjay and face of the revolution (plus I have glasses and Katniss does not). So two birds and a birder it was! Jeff's notebook says "BIRDS" to clarify that he was watching birds and was not, in fact, an outdoorsy peeping Tom.

My dress was made using this tutorial, and my headband was inspired by this costume. Ezra's wings were basically the same except for they were glued to wing shaped felt and had some bias tape ties to keep it on. My mom crocheted his hat. His moccasin booties are from DI, and I bought them before I even knew I was pregnant. How could you pass up mini mocs?!

NOTE TO ALL CRAFTERS: Even though I used Felt Glue, I could not get Ezra's feathers to stick to the wings. It worked fine for my dress because it was felt on cotton, but apparently Felt Glue is not meant for felt on felt. Stupid. I had to hot glue it instead.
We went to the trunk or treat at church, stopped by Target to get some diapers, picked up food at a Mexican restaurant that used to be a Sonic, got some spiced caramel apple cider from Starbucks, Skyped with Jeff's mom and step-dad, and watched Hocus Pocus.
Not too shabby, Halloween oh twelve.

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