26 July 2012

So we're moving. Again.

(Illustration by BasemintDesign, but I guess they took it off their Etsy)

You read that blog title right.
We're moving.

The Poole Fam (Jeff, Amy, Ezra, and Winston).

Moving to a different state for the third time in their marriage.

Des Moines, IA.

End of August 2012 aka in about a month.

To be more centrally located amongst our very spread out family.
(Still 8 hours from my fam in Indiana, 2 hours from Jeff's dad + step-mom in Omaha, 16 hours instead of 30+ from Jeff's mom + step-dad + other family in Idaho).

Jeff is transferring territories in his company. The company is paying for a moving truck. The cost of living is about the same as Rochester.

We're staying with Jeff's dad and step-mom in Omaha until we find a place in Des Moines. Ezra will have lived in four states before he's a year old [Indiana (2 weeks), New York, (7 months) Nebraska (1 month), Iowa (indefinitely)]. Five if you count his in utero existence [Idaho (3 months)].


  1. Ironic. My husband and I live in Omaha right now and we are moving to Ames in a few weeks [like 30 minutes from Des Moines]
    Hope the move goes well!
    -Knew Jeff in Idaho