04 June 2012

The art of not having the Internet.

We currently don't have the Internet at home. Because we had been using our neighbors' password unprotected connection (with their permission) but it stopped working and we don't want to ask them about it because they were letting us use it for zero dineros. We're pretty sure they just need to restart their router, but they're an older couple and never use the Internet so they probably don't know it's broken.

So right now we're sort of seeing how long we can go without it. I think it's been about three weeks. Jeff has a wireless card to use for work. I've used his work laptop when we've been staying at hotels (two times so far). P.S. We don't have smartphones. It's like 1994 up in here. But with Pushing Daisies DVDs.

The first week I had no idea what to do with myself. Then I settled into a habit of watching the Today Show (but definitely not the last hour where Hoda and Kathy Lee get wasted and act embarrassing) and playing Super Nintendo when I get bored. It's like the olden days. When things were simpler. And more productive. But not really. I haven't been more productive.

What I miss most about having the Internet is listening to talks on lds.org and Skyping with family. It's probably done me a lot of good to not have Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/Blogs at my beck and call because they usually didn't improve my quality of living.

Things that have been neat lately:
+Reading Heaven is Here by the one and only NieNie.
+Taking Ezra swimming for the first time.
+Looking for jogging strollers because I may start exercising for the first time in my LIFE.
+Telling Jeff fun facts I learn from the Today Show.
+Reading Little Women on Jeff's Kindle. I have a new appreciation for things that only require one hand.
+Christina Matekel (I don't acknowledge her being married when I think about her in my head) joining the 23 club.
+Trying a little harder to be a little better.
+Super Mario World testing my patience.
+Finding a place with 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream. Twenty four.
+Jeff offering to shave my legs for me.
+Corning, NY with it's art deco clocks on street corners, brick oven baked wheat crust pizzas, and antique shops.
+MIB3 at the drive-in with Bug and Jeff.
+Pushing Daisies and Anthroplogie displays making me want to create but not create for fear I will never create anything of any notable beauty.
+Seeing deer every day.
+Post baseball game fireworks and how Ez can't take his eyes off them.
+Jeff pacing while watching the Spurs/Thunder game.
+Jason (and my dad and Kristen) surviving an eight hour drive to visit us.


  1. 1. Do you love NieNie's book? I've been wanting to read it.
    2. Have you tried all 24 flavors?
    3. Just great. I leave the 23 club just when y'all join it.
    4. I wonder when you will get to read this comment ;)

  2. I turned the Today Show on in the waiting room at work the other day just in time to see Kathy Lee and Hoda get their drink on. I didn't even know the Today Show included that little section. New low? I'm gald you still watch Pushing Daisies! I haven't watched it in ages. I need to get back on it. Hope all is well for you and your cute family. Stay cool.