17 April 2012

Have pity on my future daughters.

I've always wanted curly hair so of course my hair is super straight.
And of course I got a D in Hair and Make-Up 101, so my attempts turn out like that ^.

One of my visiting teachees asked if I knew how to do little girl hair for her Activity Days group.
Definitely not. I know how to straighten my own hair and sometimes braid it. That's it.
I should have stayed in show choir longer so I could learn these things.

Can someone please pin a tutorial on how to curl short hair without a curling iron?

Also, note Ezra in the back. Sleeping in his swing. He's currently enrolled in Napping Without Being Held. Current grade: B+. If he passes his next class is Napping In Your Crib. That may not go so well since he still sleeps in his pack and play in our room at night. (My fault. Not his.)

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  1. When I was a little girl I used to love having my mom put my hair in rag curls. There are lots of youtube tutorials and I think it would defffinitely work on short hair. Here are some general directions: http://www.ehow.com/how_2222459_curl-hair-rags.html