13 April 2012

Busy bees.

We had the honor and privilege of hosting three grandmas and an aunt over the course of two weeks.
Ezra had a lot firsts--First Trip to Niagara Falls, First Driving Lesson, First Time Going To a Film Inventor's House (George Eastman of Kodak), First Baseball Game, First Easter, First Trip to His Pediatric Cardiologist in New York, First Visit to the Grand Canyon of the East, First Time Tasting Orange Pineapple Frozen Custard, etc.
He is currently going through spoiling withdrawals.
And for some reason has decided that sleeping six hours straight at night isn't for him, and that waking up three or four times is what is preferable. Maybe it's just how he deals with separation and will revert back to his old ways in a week. This mama's hoping.

We didn't know how exhausting it could be to host people (a good kind of exhausting), and spent our first day alone reading (Jeff: Catching Fire, Amy: Little Women, Ezra: That's Not My Dinosaur...). But now it's a little too quiet during the day and Ez and I are starting to get restless.

Fortunately, we won't be alone for long.
Grandpa Scott and Grandma Sonya invited us to meet up with them in NYC in a couple of weeks; and Grandpa Bill, Aunt Kristen, and Uncle Jason are possibly going to make a Memorial Day Weekend Run to Rochester.

We're all kind of spoiled.


  1. I get so excited when you post new blogs! I love that picture of Ezra where he's kind of smiling. I loooove you guys (:

  2. I love when you post pictures! I love the one of Ez Bug and Jeff! I can't wait until I can come visit you. Hopefully that will be before Ezra is a teenager! :)