09 March 2012

I've got my life in a suitcase.

Ezra and I have been following Jeff as he travels around upstate New York doing preventative maintenance on Fujifilm printers.
Which means we've been catching up on our daytime TV since there isn't much else to do when you're stuck in a hotel all day without Internet access or a car. Daytime TV was a lot better in high school. I think mostly because it meant that I got to miss school.
When we were walking into one of the many hotels we've stayed in Jeff said, "This looks like The Shining." I couldn't sleep very well that night and refused to leave the hotel room the next day.

Ezra has outgrown his newborn size clothes and I'm in denial about it.


  1. ezra truly is his father's son.
    that is a jeff facial expression if i ever saw one!
    he is such a cutie, amy!!

  2. I love that little face.
    And I love you lots!

  3. His face is too cute! I love it. Maybe you could start getting free movies from a library to bring with you?