21 March 2012

EzBug update (As if I write about anything else these days).

Ez is currently sleeping in his swing and instead of using this rare two hands free moment to do something productive like clean the house for the in-laws who are coming on Saturday, I'm writing a blog with long, grammatically incorrect run-on sentences and listening to The Hunger Games soundtrack.

(Side note about The Hunger Games that you can skip if you don't care: This is the first time I've really gotten into a popular book series during its prime. Sure I read all seven Harry Potters...Over ten years after the first one was published. I still haven't seen/read Twilight. Anyway. I'm reading The Hunger Games for the second time because Jeff got me all three for my birthday and I am legitimately excited about the movie. Not excited enough to leave my two month old with his papa to see a midnight showing, but still. This is big for me, guys. I'm actually excited about a popular book series! I just felt neutral about HP and Twilight when they started getting big. I feel like I'm accomplishing a major life accomplishment here.)

Lately Ezra has been sleeping for at least six hours straight. Which is FABULOUS. I wish I would have been more appreciative of being in charge of my sleeping patterns. And my life. Growing up I did a lot to help out with my siblings and my schedule depended heavily on my family members' schedules, but it is nothing like this. "Oh, Ez. You don't want to be looking for a tie for Grandpa Bill's b-day? Oh, okay. We'll leave the store so you can stop howling. But not before the cashier has the chance to say a snotty comment about you being upset." "Oh, Ez. You're most comfortable when I feel the most uncomfortable? Oh, okay. We'll keep it this way."

But being a baby must be hard. I know it was for him today. He got four shots and handled it like a champ.

Ezra Poole is weighing in at 12 pounds, 4 ounces. He is 23 inches long.

And now he's howling. G2G

EDIT: Writing this blog was a bad choice of my two free hands time. And the thing I am currently most grateful for is baby Tylenol. The post-shots fever hit Bug hard.


  1. So I've been there for all the HP hype, but I'm super sad to missing out on this Hunger Games thing. I need to get those books ASAP. I'm planning a cheap theater two dollar Tuesday 9:15pm sort of premier for myself. I figure this gives me a little extra time to get caught up!
    P.S. Baby EZ! I die. He's such a little stud.

  2. Hunger Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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