08 December 2011

The five things I miss about Rexburg, ID.

1. Maverick. For the frozen yogurt and hot chocolate.
2. Living across the street from Porter's.
3. Certain Rexburg eateries including The Cocoa Bean, the taco bus, and Domino's.
4. Idaho friends and Idaho family.
5. Being able to walk/bike everywhere.

But seriously I want Mav hot chocolate so bad right now.
And WHY is there not a Domino's in Fort Wayne?
Also. Even though Hobby Lobby is 4x the size of Porter's, it's 80% cheap home decor. And their scrapbooking paper and fabric selection is horrible.



  1. I miss you guys. Amy and Kellie and Jeff too. Miss seeing y'all in the scary photo lab where none of the lab assistants were as nice and as patient as Amy.

  2. There is a Domino's in Muncie. Come see me and we will get pizza!