18 October 2011

Caramel apple delight.

After going to the Johnny Appleseed festival, I was really disappointed by their lack of caramel apples. So we used the apples we bought at the festival to make our own delicious caramel apples.
They were really good. Just melted caramels and chocolate chips.

Some things we learned:
Butter knives work just as well as craft sticks.
Caramel sticks to aluminum foil.

 Jason probably got the messiest. However, he probably enjoyed them the most.

Jeff got the second messiest. 
He was so excited to make these, though. Like once we got the idea he couldn't stop talking about it and even went to the store that same day to buy the caramels. Jeff isn't a big dessert guy, so this was kind of out of the ordinary for him.

I didn't get as messy as the boys, but Baby Poole and I sure did enjoy all that caramel chocolate apple goodness. 
The apples were so big and sweet that I couldn't even finish all of mine in one sitting.
If you know anything about my sweet consumption capabilities, you will realize how crazy this is.


  1. I love food that gets all over my face, to the point that I sometimes smear ice cream in my mustache when I eat it on a cone.