12 July 2011

Well...I probably won't be getting a bunny anytime soon.

Yes, Jeff knows. We've known since Lil Tide Poole was 3 or 4 weeks.
Yes, I'm 12 weeks tomorrow and you can hardly even tell.
Yes, the baby has hair follicles. HAIR FOLLICLES. And is the size of a lime, soon to be plum.
Yes, we told Blogger before Facebook (but moms and dads and brothers and sisters and grandparents before anyone else).
Yes, that ultrasound is from 8 weeks.
Yes, I got to hear the baby's fast lil heartbeat yesterday.
Yes, this is why I've been tired/cranky/sick all the time lately.
Yes, Winston is really excited to have a sibling.
Yes, it was a surprise, but yes we are really excited.
Yes, you can come to Indiana to play with him/her.


  1. YAYYYYYYYY!!!! amy, this is MAJOR! and SO EXCITING!!! i'm so very happy for you both!!! that baby is going to be darling!

  2. I've already told you a million and a half times how happy and excited I am for you. So I'll just let you know here that your little bump is presh!


  3. I am SO excited for baby Poole! Shoot...I wish I would have read this before coming to borrow your tripod tonight. I would have said something really nice and probably cliche or something! I love Jeff and Amy Poole + 1.

  4. Congratulations!!! You're going to be a GREAT mom!

  5. AMY JANE!!! YAY! I'm so so so excited for you!!!!! This is awesome! I can't wait to meet your new Little Poole. You're the best and I love you!!!

  6. Congratulations! That's awesome! Yay for babies!

  7. so exciting! Congratulations!!

  8. ahhhhh so excited for you! when are you due!! so fun being pregnant!