01 April 2011

Dear inanimate/animate objects.

Dear fellow lab assistants,
I love all of you. I would tell you this in real life, but it would be weird since some of you are boys and I am married.

Dear Pandora,
Thanks for being so good to me lately.

Dear future home,
I cannot wait to meet you! I'm so excited leave Rexburg.

Dear Indiana,
I have a secret. You'll find out soon.

Dear dreams,
Good job being mostly average, but slightly odd. It was cool to see someone from the future show me a picture of my future daughters and I.

Dear jeggings,
I never ever EVER thought I'd say this, but...I love you. You're the only pair of pants that aren't super baggy on me right now.

Dear 63 degrees in Rexburg in April,
Thank you.

Dear 10 lbs,
Where did you go?

Dear winter semester,
Sorry I sucked at doing homework. Please help me get everything done by Wednesday.


  1. i did this tooooo on friday the 1st!
    We really are besties :)

    I wish i could loose ten pounds and not know where it went.

    ily bestie

    hang in there.

    p.s. play date?

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  3. I know your secret and I love it :)

    I miss you so much it hurts.

    ILY bby.