09 February 2011

lies and betrayals, fruit-covered nails

Amy always says she wishes I'd blog more often. What can I say? Life is busy when you're taking seven credits, playing hockey sometimes twice a week and working your fingers to the bone in the Walmart photo lab. On top of that, when I'm on the internet I have all kinds of important obligations to follow through on. Fantasy basketball (I'm in sixth place, only the top four make the playoffs), checking my email religiously to see if I've received emails back from employers in Vancouver, Dallas and Italy, and reading music news and sports crap on espn.com.

The job application process has been exciting thus far. I went to my career preparation class a few weeks back and my old friend from the Scroll, Jen Rollins, was there talking about how great her job with the Vancouver Canucks hockey team is. Afterward I talked to her and she informed me there was a media relations position opening and I needed to apply. I did so and now I check my email seven times a day to see if they're getting really desperate to fill a position that won't be open until summer. I guess the root of my excitement is that this job would basically be my dream job. Since I was in elementary, family members have teased me because I would sit up at the breakfast table with my coffee (jk, cereal) and the newspaper (specifically the sports page). Part of this job description is retrieving virtually every tidbit of media coverage on the team and presenting it to the general manager. That's like a day in the life of Jeff Poole. If there were an incredibly white dude from New Hampshire who played for the Spurs, shared my love of music and sandwiches, was the only one sponsored by New Balance in the NBA and had a sandwich blog on the Spurs website, I would eat that up. What I'm trying to say is, I love my teams and I follow them obsessively (except we don't have cable and I'm too cheap to get broadband subscriptions to watch their games). I can't believe there might be someone out there who'd be willing to pay me to scour the interwebs for stories on a specific team. I WANT THIS JOB. Not only that, but you're REQUIRED to attend home games and make sure the media's needs are met. If I were somehow offered this job, it would maybe mean I would have to move to Vancouver without Amy for a little while. This would suck a great deal but in the end it would be worth it. It's a dream job (as you can tell while reading this) and I've heard nothing but great things about Vancouver. If I don't get this job or anything else before Amy graduates in July, we've talked about just packing up our bags and heading to the Texas hill country. That would be a dream too, I really miss that place and its culinary magic. The nice thing about Walmart is the option of transferring stores, so we'd at least have guaranteed income when we arrive. San Antonio would be a good place to look for a job too. It's cheap, there's a temple, I have connections down there and there are several other cities within a day's journey to look for jobs in.

Anyway, much love to you all.


  1. ya know Indiana has some hidden gems. I'm here and oh, my apartment in Muncie has an extra bedroom! so, you two can just move to Indiana and move in with me. I'm sure you could get a nice little Indiana job. just something to think about JSP and AMP! PLEASE?! :)

  2. I'm agreeing with Katie! Indiana is a wonderful lil place!