22 February 2011


I spent Friday night eating Domino's cheese pizza and drinking Dr. Pepper and painting and cleaning the photography studio on campus.
I had to go back to do the second coat on Saturday, but I didn't want to because Sarah wasn't there to help me.
The overhead projector wouldn't even let me log in so I couldn't play music.
But Jeff was at work anyway so I really didn't have anything else to do.

I really want to secretly get a pet.
Jeff said no bunny, but a mouse would be okay since they are easier to hide.
They have some cute ones at Pet Smart.
I thought about a fish (because I love fish), but since we're moving soon I thought it would be a bad idea. Fish are hard to transport.
Jeff also said that if I got a mouse that it would be my birthday present.
So that's something to think about.

We have been looking at houses in San Antonio a lot lately.
However, the houses in Fort Wayne that are in our price range are more my style.
Early twentieth century "traditional" houses.
I'm more than excited to move.
You've just kind of let me down lately, Rexburg.

Friday I asked one of the photo teachers to tell me about vinyl and why it can be worth more.
(Because we were talking about the new Radiohead and he said he just got his tax return so he could buy it now and I told him we just bought it digitally because we didn't have a record player anyway and he said something about how In Rainbows is going for $100 on eBay or something like that.)
He told me that you have to have a good pressing and a good turntable and a good sound system in order for vinyl to sound better than a mp3. Some vinyl sounds worse than a mp3 recording.
Then he said that since it's a big ordeal to do a second pressing of an album, they only do a limited number of them. So the scarcity makes them rise in value if you plan on reselling.
But who are these people that are buying vinyl off of eBay? Are there really that many people who would want a vinyl copy instead of a digital copy that didn't already buy vinyl straight from the record company? Granted everything analog is so hot right now, but when that trend dies who are all of the hipsters going to sell their vinyl to?
Maybe the idea of resell is like justification for buying all that stuff.
Is all the money that goes into getting limited edition pressings and a really good turntable and sound system worth it?
I guess for me it isn't.
But what do I know.
I hardly even listen to my iPod anymore.
P.S. I don't hate vinyl.

Thank you cupcake fairy for coming two nights in a row.

Jeff said Arcade Fire is coming to Utah and that he wants to see them.
That is definitely better than going to see Bright Eyes in Boise (to me).
Conor Oberst does nothing for me.

When I was at Ross yesterday I saw cake stands.
I really want one.
But I don't know if I should get one with a cover or not.

Indiana, I need you so much closer.


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  2. I find that even when you don't have a decent record player, vinyl still has a certain nuance you don't find in digital, so that makes it fun. And for whatever reason, I like being able to 'handle' my music and vinyl is perfect for that. But you're right, it can be an expensive hobby that's hard to justify.

  3. if you moved back to Indiana I would bawl like a little baby, but out of happiness! I'm going to cross my fingers and toes and pray for and Indiana move :)