07 November 2010

lazy sunday

Amy and I watched Rudy last night. I still love that movie but I have to admit it wasn't as inspiring this time around. Fantasy basketball has begun and thus far I'm getting my trash kicked by Conley Hubert. Revenge will be sweet. Amy and I were so excited to wake up this morning and have a pancake breakfast with eggs and sausage. Then we realized it's fast Sunday. So we read some general conference talks and lounged about. It's been great. Although I'm starting to get stressed about my application assignment that's due this week that I haven't started on. So I've gotten into twitter recently. I'm liking it a lot more than facebook these days and watch my feed whenever I'm on the computer. I feel so in tune with the music/sports world now. Anyway, time to get ready for church. Amy has to pick out my tie still.

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